A Facebook Like is no longer worth anything!

We recently had a client tell us his views on Facebook Likes – that he didn’t think they were worth anything any more, because Facebook no longer shows your posts to everyone who’s Liked your page. Instead, they show your posts to a percentage of your Likes, based on the effectiveness of the post.

facSo why do we still think that getting Facebook Likes is one of the best (and quickest, and cheapest) ways to market your business? We’ve listed the top 5 reasons below. And Kerry Fitzgibbon will show you in a lot more detail at her up-coming event, exactly how to maximize your results from your Facebook marketing. Here’s the link to book your place at Kerry’s powerful 3-day event:


Top 5 reasons why Facebook Likes are still one of the best ways to grow your business:

  1. If you know what you’re doing, a good Facebook post will get seen by 40-50% of your followers. Even a poor-performing one will get seen by about 20%. Compare that to email marketing, where best practice is about a 27% open rate (and an average performer will get only 5-10%), and you can see that Facebook is getting your message in front of more people.

  2. If you use the right system you can get highly targeted Likes for as little as one cent. That’s some of the cheapest marketing around, and Kerry will show you how she consistently gets targeted Facebook Likes for her clients for well under 10 cents each.

  3. Once people have Liked your Facebook page, your advertising cost goes way down. When you advertise to followers (who are much more likely to buy whatever you’re offering), you can get a much higher click-through-rate to your sales page, and a much lower cost-per-click, than if you’re advertising to non-followers.

  4. Here’s where it gets really special – you can use your list of Likes to generate a “look-alike audience”. That means you can tell Facebook “find me another 100,000 people with the same characteristics as the 1,000 who have already liked my page’. When you advertise to these people, again you get a higher click-through-rate to your sales page, a much lower cost-per-click, as well as more sales.

  5. Promotions to your Facebook followers are a quick and cheap way to test and refine your offers. If you can quickly send a few hundred (or a few thousand) targeted people to your sales letter, you can see what’s working and refine your sales message based on your results. That way, you can easily decide which offers are worth promoting further – to potential JVs, on your hub site, or with paid marketing.

If you’re serious about growing your online business then you need to be up to speed with the latest in social media marketing. Kerry will show you the latest in what’s working right now. Yes, Facebook changes regularly, and you need to know the very latest if you’re going to compete.

To book your place at this powerful event, please use this link. As a client of ours you’re entitled to two tickets:

This workshop will suit you if you’re driving traffic to your info-product website, membership site, lead gen site, business website, or offline business.

Here are the details:

“How to Make Money from Social Media”

workshop is on 1-3 August 2014, at Hotel Grand Chancellor,
Hanlan St, Surfers Paradise.

Timing is 9am to 5:30pm each day.

See you there!
Andrew and Daryl

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