4 ways to increase Facebook follower engagement

Here are some great tips that will hugely improve the results you get from your Facebook marketing. They come courtesy of social media whiz Kerry Fitzgibbon. If you’ve already booked for Kerry’s upcoming workshop, great! We look forward to seeing you there. If not, here’s the link again: http://www.howtomakemoneyfromsocialmedia.com

facebook-copySo, back to Facebook follower engagement.

First up – what is engagement and why do you want more of it?

Engagement is all about how many people TAKE ACTION on your Facebook posts. Action can be things like commenting, sharing or liking your posts.

The higher the engagement (ie the higher proportion of people who take action), the more people Facebook will show your post to. So it’s kind of a snowball effect. It’s called “Story Bumping”, and it means that the better your engagement, the more people will see your post, and the more traffic (and sales!) you’ll get.

So, how do you get people to take action on your posts? Here are 4 ways:

  1. Be controversial. Take a stand. The more you excite or annoy people, the more they’ll talk about you. Your goal is to polarize your followers. Yes you may get your detractors saying some negative things – but that’s actually a good thing! Your supporters will defend you – and all of this goes to increasing engagement.

  2. Use an image that people love. Stats show that the image doesn’t even have to be related to your topic. Just the fact that you have an image that your followers will relate to will give you on average 91% more action.

  3. Give away your best stuff for free. Now this may sound counter-intuitive. After all, why would people buy from you if you’ve given away so much free stuff? Because we find (and loads of studies show) that the more we give away, the more people love our stuff, the more trust is created, and the more people buy. Simple.

  4. Don’t be pushy with your Facebook marketing. Use something called the 10/4/1 rule. Out of every 15 posts you make, 10 of them give valuable hints and tips, 4 point people to videos or stories relevant to your niche and ONE links to a page with a call to action (eg to opt in or to buy something). Remember, social media is primarily social. Don’t come across as too salesy or you’ll turn people off.

Now here’s something that will really super-charge your results. Knowing about Story Bumping means that you can time your posts to get the most views. Here’s how.

Using Facebook Insights, you can see what time of day your target audience is most active. But rather than posting at the peak (which is what many social media strategists recommend), instead you should post about 2 hours BEFORE the peak (using the 4 tips above). As you start to get good engagement, Facebook will show your posts to more people – right at the peak time when your market is most active.

Clever huh? It’s small tweaks like this that can make a massive difference to the results you get from your social media campaigns. Kerry will be sharing lots more like this at her event next month.

To book your place at this powerful event, please use this link. As a client of ours you’re entitled to two tickets:

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See you there!
Andrew and Daryl

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