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From: The Desk of Kerry Fitzgibbon Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist Expert on How to Make Serious Money using Social Media Gold Coast, Qld, Australia Tuesday, 11.35 am
Subject: Exclusive invitation to attend my LIVE 3-day blueprint, “How to Make Serious Money using Social Media” event as FREE VIP guests; Held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Gold Coast, Queensland; Date: 9th – 11th October 2015

Do you want to know how to exploit the power of Social Media to attract more new customers and immediately generate thousands of dollars in sales into your business… for FREE?

Hi, my name is Kerry Fitzgibbon and I’d like to introduce you to new ways to use Social Media marketing to…

  • Generate more sales than you can handle
  • Never have to worry about cash flow problems again
  • Work fewer hours, and…
  • Spend more time with your friends and family

Social media can be an absolute goldmine … IF you do it right!

Unfortunately, most people selling online, waste countless hours trying to make it work… because they just don’t know the essential keys to make social media a huge success for their business.

Here’s an example …

See for yourself how this client made money using my proven blueprint Social Media marketing strategies…

7,253 new leads, working 20 minutes a day
in less than 60 days!

A client of mine, Lynda, runs small business selling beauty products online.

Business was pretty average until I showed her 3 simple Social Media strategies that she could apply immediately, in just 20 minute a day.

The result? She now has…

Over 7,253 new leads into the business in just 2 months

That translated into…

$24,562 in extra sales

Would you like to know how she did it?

Then join me at this FREE 3-day Live event on…

9th – 11th October 2015
at Gold Coast, Queensland

And I’ll show you how to generate thousands of dollars in extra income and get an endless supply of hot leads into your business by using Social Media the Right Way!

Like many people I know, you probably have the following burning questions on your mind…

  • shutterstock_91985771Will social media really grow my type of business? A. See above proof; what my social media marketing strategies did for Lynda’s small business
  • How much time do I need to spend ‘doing’ social media? A. The same as Lynda above, 20 minutes a day… or outsource it and do none at all!
  • How do I know which social media platform to use for my business, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or what ever? A. You’ll discover this at my 3-day live event… it’s real easy
  • Can I protect my reputation on social media? A. Again I’ll show you the best method at my 3-day live event
  • How do I make money from social media? A. Attend my 3-day event where you’ll discover the 7 most effective, quickest methods to make serious money from Social media. There is no ceiling!

Still not sure about making money from Social Media?

Then let me ask you this…

How much income are you missing out on by not using
social media, or by doing it poorly?

I’d like to share some eye-opening information about the impact social media can have on the size of your bank account.

Here are the facts:

  • Australians are one of the highest users of social media world wide. Source: 
  • 80% of users prefer to connect with brands/businesses that are on Facebook. Source: 
  • Someone joins LinkedIn every second of every day and…
  • 53% of people on Twitter recommend products in their tweets. Is your business one of them?Source: and

Keep reading because it gets better…

  • 70% of people trust consumer opinions posted onlineregardless if they know the person who posted them or not! Source: Neilson Report
    • So what this means is… you have the opportunity to tap into a social media market of over 7 million people in Australia who are prepared to buy on recommendation alone… virtually for FREE!  Imagine how much that would boost your business!

Are you getting the picture?

These are the places your potential clients are hanging out recommending their preferred products and services to friends and family

And… You’re not even in the conversation!

Can you see now… how many sales you’re missing out on?…

And how much money you can make using my proven social media marketing strategies?

Don’t get left behind… opportunity awaits you online!

Discover at this 3-day LIVE event on 9th – 11th October 2015…

How you can quickly and easily compete online today to attract more new customers… get existing clients back repeatedly and… immediately increase your profits


How to build your business to a six or seven figure operation, so you can live the lifestyle you want and make choices that create less stress, and lots more profit.

There is no ceiling on how much you can make using my new proven social media marketing strategies.7486534_s

Applying my strategies will give you more confidence and certainty about your future.

You’ll also discover…

How you can earn a sustainable passive income as an extension to your existing business.

Yes that’s right… I’ll show you how to make money while you sleep!

I know it can be difficult to get your head around the idea of having a passive income.

But it is achievable…

The businesses I have helped, over the years, which are massively reaping the financial benefits, are proof that my social media marketing blueprint works!

But… You need to follow my proven Social Media Marketing Blueprint formula if you are to make serious money in less time.

Take a look for yourself…

These are just a few examples of results from applying the strategies I’ll be teaching:

  • A major podcast/ radio station made $66,000 profit selling merchandise on Facebook.  I’ll show you this same system step-by-step at the 3-day event
  • A well known charity raised a further $7,100 in 7 days using the demographic laser targeted method on Facebook. We go through this new tactic on day 2 of the workshop
  • From just one campaign… a pet insurance company who used the newly created Pinterest promotion technique achieved:
    • 87% increase in traffic to their website and…
    • 12.5% increase in insurance quotes… all from just one campaign!
    • They are now experiencing difficulties handling the additional work load… what a wonderful problem to have!
  • Through a campaign on Google+ hangouts, a major brand of chocolate company was delighted as it attracted:
      • Over 150,000 more followers in a short span of time
      • This promotion far exceeded their expectations as it surpassed their revenue forecast and massively increased brand awareness

Are You Beginning To See How Possible It Is To Easily and Quickly Grow Your Business Using My Proven Social Media Marketing Strategies?

Places are limited, so get your ticket now before they run out…

And join me on 9th – 11th October 2015.

Here’s how to register for this event

Learnt great ways to make money using Social Media

“The main thing I gained from the workshop:  That Social Media is not just for getting “likes”. There are great strategies to monetize it.”

Rowena – Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

The power of social media to make money on the Internet

“I have a new awareness of the power of social media, along with an overwhelming amount of strategies to make money on the internet.

People who attend this workshop are given so many valuable ideas that anyone thinking of doing it would be disadvantaged if they don’t attend.”

E Argaet – Soldiers Point, NSW, Australia

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Without doubt, dealing with someone over the Internet who you’ve never met is always a concern.

Let me put your mind at ease so you know I’m the real deal.

My background is in radio, TV and print media as a qualified broadcast journalist.

So I know exactly how expensive it is to advertise with these media …and how hard it can be to get a return on your money!

I’ve been a fully qualified and accredited Social Media Strategist for over 5 years now.

But before I go any further…

Let’s take a moment to look at the old, often-expensive traditional advertising methods, and where they’re going:

  • Less and less people are watching TV ads… preferring TiVo and DVD’s
  • Yellow Pages are fast becoming extinct… and their ads are still expensive
  • More than 20% of email marketing messages might not be reaching their intended destinations, which is a major concern to email marketers everywhere. Source:
  • Only 17% of emails are estimated to be opened…. In recent years, email volume has increased by 61% which helps explain the steady decline of email open rates. Source: Harte-Hanks Postfuture Index TM Email Response Metrics
  • 90% of newspapers are experiencing a massive reduction in circulation

The fact is…

Social media marketing is just a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and adverting.

And it may well cost you nothing if you do it yourself… except your time.

I think you’d have to agree:

Social media is a far better alternative to the expensive old traditional methods of advertising.

Sorry I digress…

I’ll get off my soap box now and get back to my story.

I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners, start-up companies, mums and dads wanting to earn a living working from home, and Internet entrepreneurs… to make substantial money online.

That’s now.

But years ago when I first started as a complete social media rookie, I just had baby number two, and desperately needed an income (preferably passive!), combined with working from home.

I decided to write my own e-books to promote them online to earn an income. This was something I could do from home and would give me a passive income.

Social media was one of the ways I promoted my ebooks. At that time there was a major shift happening, from traditional forms of advertising to social media marketing.

That’s also when I discovered some major problems with a lot of the social media training programs on the market.

Most of them either…

  • Did not work at all or…
  • Were using out-dated clumsy inadequate systems and…
  • No one was focusing on “How to make money” from Social Media

I dug deeper, and through trial and error developed (and have continued to develop) a logical, systematic approach around the latest methods that work well.

Business ramped up and I started to make really good money using the social media marketing strategies and tactics I had developed.

Others I knew also noticed my success and started to approach me to help them get more buyers using social media.

Almost immediately I was able to produce outstanding results.

I found, not only was I able to build a unique social media marketing system to make money online and drive more traffic…

But my skills as a broadcast journalist meant that I had a real edge when it came to mass marketing.

It enabled me to create and implement highly successful marketing and advertising campaigns, which produced awesome financial results for me and my clients.

But doing all this work for others, I soon found I was working long hours, getting worn out with no time for me or my family. Ah the price of success!

So, knowing the poor quality of the Social Media training programs on the market…

I decided to design a unique, step-by-step training program, “How to Make Serious Money from Social Media.”

To give you an idea…

Here’s how easy and quick it is to make money
from Social Media marketing…

As an experiment to prove to my clients how easy and cost effective it is to make money from social media, I used my hobby (marathon running) as a case study:

  • I built a Facebook page (quick and easy using my system) on marathon running. Within 10 days I had over 1100 fans
  • I made the first $44 e-book sales in less than 3 hours, for a total $133. And the cost of ads? Just $22. That’s a 500%-plus return on investment. AND, sales have continued to soar
  • Then a couple of week’s later I created a promotion where I sold 89 branded tee-shirts at $27.95 (without any outlay for stock!)
  • That’s $2398 profit in less than 10 days with no money down… and all without a website.

And just to prove the point further…

  • I ramped up the advertising at a cost of $36 and sold a heap more tee-shirts in no time at all and made a cool $900, thank you very much!

Still not convinced my unique blueprint social media marketing strategies can work for you?

See for yourself how these businesses have made money…

$60,000 made in less than 3 Months!

  • A large wine company was blown away when they implemented just 3 of the strategies you’ll learn at my event
    • These strategies made them $60,000 in 3 months with an e-commerce store right inside of Facebook

Small business made  $8,280 in just 2 weeks!

  • A copywriter wanting to ramp up business was ecstatic when the campaign made her…
    • $8,280 in just 2 weeks using Facebook

She hasn’t looked back since!

Having said that, I’m only too aware that…

Ninety percent of all online users use social media in some way or the other.  Source:


The majority of these users have absolutely no idea how to use it effectively TO MAKE MONEY!

That’s why you need to attend this event…

Let me assure you…

You’ll Leave This Workshop with

Practical Strategies to Implement Immediately…

to Quickly Grow A Passive Income Business and make

More Profit

I invite you to join me at the 3-day LIVE event and discover “How to Make Serious Money From Social Media” quickly and easily.

Here’s how to register for this event

This is what the “How To Make Serious Money From Social Media” Workshop Can Do For You This 3-day information-packed workshop will deliver way beyond your expectations.

Will this workshop help you and your business? Take this Quick Quiz to see where you’re missing out:

  • Do you know how to rapidly generate hundreds of hot leads a day using FREE Social Media Marketing? Techniques like Facebook competitions, Facebook events, and the new Google+ features that will help you get to the top of the search engines
  • Do you know exactly what to say and how often to post, on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube? (The message you use on each of these needs to be very different – get it wrong and you can really put people off)
  • Do you know how to use Social Media to get the most income in the shortest time, without breaking Social Media etiquette? Come across as too “salesy” too soon and you’ll have thousands of people bagging you instead of buying from you!
  • Do you know how to generate thousands of dollars in extra income for your business, spending less than 20 minutes a day on Social Media? You’ve probably heard horror stories of people wasting hours every day for very little return. You absolutely MUST know what you’re doing to get the best return on your time.
  • Do you know how to rapidly grow your online presence organically (ie for FREE)?
  • Do you know how to easily track the success of your Social Media campaigns, so you know what to cut, and what to do more of? The Social Media platforms have some incredibly powerful, easy-to-use but LITTLE-KNOWN reporting systems. You’ll beat your competition hands down if you use them.

  • 10695040_mDo you know the best ways to turn your followers into money in the bank? Come on too strong and you’ll just put them off. Too soft and you’ll never make a sale. Like Goldilocks, you’ve got to get this bit JUUUST RIGHT!
  • Are you selling B2B? I’ll show you a little-known strategy that uses Social Media to get past the gatekeeper and to the decision maker every time. How would that improve your sales?
  • The quickest way to get results with Social Media is to become a Centre of Influence in your market niche. Do you know the fastest, easiest way to do this? Using this technique you can easily compete with much larger businesses – and you don’t need their massive marketing budgets to do it!
  • Are you concerned that Social Media will take up too much of your personal time? Or that outsourcing or delegating will mean that you lose control of what’s being said about you and your business? I’ll show you my simple proven formula that gets you massive results in under 20 minutes a day, and shows you exactly what to outsource so you retain a personal touch, without wasting your precious time.

And much, much more….

Here’s what former attendees had to say about Kerry’s last workshop:

Excellent practical methods… not just theoretical ideas!

“Excellent, practical methods that work already which can make a real difference to you now, not just theoretical ideas – well worth the time.”

Kevin Croft – Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

100% up to date… I’m across the latest Social Media changes

“Social Media and technology keep changing and improving… this is the workshop that one can learn and keep up to date with the changes.”

 Chris Loh, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

This workshop is a must-attend!

“You must attend this workshop if you are serious about cashing in on social media.”

Caroline Andrew – Mt Tamborine, Qld, Australia

You’ve probably gathered by now, this is NOT your average ‘social media’ workshop, where you are shown how to get more fans but no real strategies on how to make money.

Best part… I’m going to take your questions LIVE so you’re sure to come away with an action plan you can implement right away to grow your business quickly.

But if you don’t take action right now… nothing will happen!

Here’s how to register for this event

Yusuf Omar Testimonial

Sam Beau Patrick Testimonial

Steve Baker Testimonial

Robyn Stewart Testimonial

Monika Testimonial

Lynika Cruz Testimonial

Kerryn Griffiths Testimonial

Jane St Catherine Testimonial

Geoff Hughes Testimonial

Greg Vinnal Testimonial

 Want More?

OK… as if that’s not enough to make your business and lifestyle go through the roof!

That’s not even half of what you’ll be learning at the workshop.

Here’s what other game-changing systems you’ll discover when we get together…

Generate the power of community ‘circles’ on Google + to build leads to massively increase your businesses.  Google+ is a must if you are to get higher rankings and more leads

  • Develop automated systems to consistently and frequently keep in touch with your followers
  • Design fan pages simply on Facebook.  And if you don’t want to do it yourself, I’ll tell you where you can get it done incredibly cheaply
  • Effectively launch your business on YouTube. Discover my 7 step blueprint to successfully get your product out there and secure hundreds of warm leads
  • Discover how to effectively and professionally create an impactful profile and brand your business on LinkedIn. Over 66% are decision makers on LinkedIn so you need to do it right first time!
  • You’ll find out how to generate a message of direct relevance and interest to your prospect which create a feeling of trust and… increases repeat business
  • Use Pinterest to attract sponsors to help promote and endorse your products/services… it’ll save you heaps of $$$!
  • Boost your personal credibility on LinkedIn and find out how to get people to repeatedly endorse your skills and recommend you so you can be seen as the ‘expert’ in your field
  • Use my YouTube 10 step video marketing method to promote your products/service and in no time at all get over 1000 subscribers… watch your sales soar!
  • Look inside my social media marketing campaigns and see the results I got from each strategy, how much traffic, and how much money they made…
    • You’ll see the winners and the losers, and the changes I made to turn poor or average results into great results!

So where to now?

Basically you have 2 choices…

Don’t change a thing, continue to use your old marketing ways and pray that things will get better.


Be proactive, take action now, re-organise your work diary to attend this life changing “How to Make Serious Money from Social Media” 3-day live event.

And yes places are filling up quickly…

So book NOW to reserve your seat… your time is all you will need!

But be aware that…

In The Future This 3-Day Event Will Cost $2997.00
but at this Introductory Stage…
it’s FREE!

Yes, I’ve pre-empted your question…

Why have I waived the $2997 ticket price and let you attend for free?

Especially given the valuable money-making information that will be covered at this 3-day event…

And which would normally cost a packet when obtained from a training program of this calibre.

I can hear you saying… what’s the catch?

You see, I realise until now, you probably hadn’t heard of me… so I want to prove to you that my social media marketing strategies work… and will work for you and your business…

The same as they’ve worked for me, and for my clients who have reaped the financial benefits of these marketing strategies.

But I want to help you achieve the same kind of results…

So as a special introduction… I’m offering VIP tickets for FREE!

I know you’re going to get absolute tremendous value.

It’s going to help you take control of your financial future, and give you a structured plan for sustainable growth.

Places are limited, so to claim your seat, please click on the “Book your seat now” button below. You’ll be taken to the confirmation page where you will fill out the form with your details.

And I’ll ask you in return… if you feel comfortable… for a true and genuine testimonial of what you thought of the content you learnt over the 3-days.

It would also be good to hear from you about your successful outcomes further down the track.

No obligation of course.

So back to the original question… what do I get out of this?

When you come to ramp up your business and increase sales…

You may decide you need the services of a qualified social media marketing strategist with the runs on the board and all the latest techniques… and hopefully you’ll think of me!

Fair enough? Again, absolutely no obligation.

So what do you do now?

Simple! Book your seat now by clicking on … “Book Your Place NOW!” button below… where you will enter your details in the registration form.

And you will receive all the information you need to attend the event…

Here’s how to register for this event

So the question is…

Are you going to continue to struggle, never quite achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself or your business and always feeling like you’re failing?


Are you ready to work with me as my guest at the 3-day live interactive “How to Make Serious Money from Social Media” workshop…

Where you will discover marketing campaigns and strategies to increase your business and have the lifestyle you and your family deserve?

The decision is yours… but I think you’ll agree the choice is clear.

So I’d encourage you to book your seat right now before the tickets are gone.

I look forward to meeting you in person on 9th – 11th October 2015.

Dedicated to multiplying your income.


Kerry Fitzgibbon
Social Media Marketing Strategist

Expert on How to Make Serious Money using Social Media

P.S. If you’re serious about increasing your income and growing your business using Social Media marketing… and aren’t too proud to learn from an expert who has the runs on the board and is willing to help you every which way… then to put it bluntly… you’d be crazy NOT to attend this “How to Make Serious Money from Social Media” workshop.

P.P.S.  I’ve waived the $2997 ticket price and gifting you a ticket for FREE as my guest.  But remember there is limited seating and… this is an introductory offer which may not be available next time round… so get your ticket now before they’re all go.

Here’s how to register for this event

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